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  • Social Network with strong developer feedback.
  • Mentoring systems to help connect new developers with experienced free software developers
  • Bringing awareness to the issues of free software through spotlighting issues that effect peoples lives on the day to day basis.
 * DRM effect on libraries and the freedom of the individual to access information.
  • Increased advocacy and focus on the public image of the free software movement.
  • Target business so employees get exposed, while preserving the ethical message of free software.
  • Increased marketing for free software movement.
  • Academic focus in hopes of educating future business owners and also increasing academic freedom.
  • Encourage community activism in educating proprietary users about free options.
  • Create Free licensed movies/novels/music/webcomics in patent free formats and publish them on the internet - this helps with free-software adoptions by making more things work in 100% free GNU/Linux distributions out of the box.