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This project was started in 2009/08/17.

2009/08/18 : The aim of this project is to make it easier for windows users to start working with GNU/Linux. There are a lot of powerful GUI tools but working with some of them is a bit hard for new users. There are also a lot of command line tools that working with some of them is much harder for new users. For this aim, Some GUI tools must be written. It can be done using every programming language that can be used in GNU/Linux (But it's better to use open ones because of some reasons ). A list of tools that must be made for this project will be soon putted here (Maybe tomorrow).

2009/08/19 : List of programs that should be written for Easy GNU-Linux project

1 – A GUI Tool that can configure the OS to use dial-up Internet connection by getting Phone number, User name and password (just like windows). (Isn't there already Gnome-PPP?) (New)

2 – A GUI Tool for adding paths to PATH variable. (New)

3 - A very easily understandable documentation and Interactive tutorial for gimp. (New)

4 - An easily-understandable documentation. (New)

5 - A program which collects information about installed programs and categorizes them so new users can easily find what they want. It would be different from add/remove programs and synaptic package manager because it can provide brief information about each program's uses and help and can run the programs but it can't add or remove any programs. (New)

6 - A graphical front end for shell, It would be something like Nautilus but it would only use command line tools to collect information for it's GUI. (New)

7 - An interactive tutorial that new users can easily learn how to do their every day works. (New)

8 - A brief, simple manual that new users can learn shell scripting with it. (New)

9 - A quick and dirty image editor (something like Windows Paint) (New)

New means that the item is recently added and there is no work done on it yet. Designing means that the item's details are being designed. Under development means that the item is being made. Debugging means that the item is being debugged and Done means that The item is ready to use.

More information will be available soon.