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For Software Freedom Day on 20th September 2008 (which is close to GNU's 25th birthday on the 27th), Manchester Free Software intend to turn the computer suite at Manchester Central Library into an LTSP setup demonstrating free software.

The intention will be to show how older computers can be used to provide low-maintenance thin clients in establishments such as libraries and schools, and how free software can help lower costs as well as promote freedom. This is based on Richard Rothwell's talk of May 2008, and we hope to have Richard and M6-IT's support for this project.

We intend to invite the ICT heads from Manchester schools, and to provide additional printed hand-outs on the setup with BECTA's figures about management costs. We will also provide GNU/Linux LiveCDs.

This project should be non-destructive, simple to set up without interfering with the suite over the coming months and to return the suite to normal afterwards.