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Use https://gitlab.com/ryanwhite/webmail-systems pull requests. - The page is maintained by Ryan says the FSF.

Issue for https://www.fsf.org/resources/webmail-systems. The proper FSF email address to send this issue to is: resources@fsf.org



  • Add this to https://www.fsf.org/resources/webmail-systems under "Not Recommended": Apple iCloud (@icloud.com. Old emails: @me.com, @mac.com) -- iCloud account creation requires Apple devices (either an iOS device or a Mac).
  • Change "@msn.com" to "@msn.com"
  • Sort Microsoft Outlook.com alphabetically in the list
  • Add "Tor operated: TorGuerrillaMail under "These disposable email services have been verified to work without proprietary JavaScript:"


Cannot create account

The "Create my account" opens the CAPTCHA each time I click on it no mattter if I've finished the CAPTCHA several times.

Broken Thunderbird settings

[I have emailed this issue to the OpenMailBox team 2019-03-20]

It's not possible to add OpenMailBox accounts in Thunderbird that displays this warning message:

Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your email account.

I've seen this error message that also made it impossible to add an account:

Certificate Status
This site attempts to identify itself with invalid information.

Wrong Site
The certificate belongs to a different site, which could mean that someone is trying to impersonate this site.

It's not possible to use the "Confirm Security Exception" button.

The "Get Certificate" button reads:

No Information Available
Unable to obtain identification status for this site.

I guess we should move OpenMailBox under the "Under Review" section and include the above text to it.


Structure the links and add Tor links:

1: "In order to create a Red Account you will need an invite. Obtain an Invite Code from a friend." - https://riseup.net/en/email/settings/mail-accounts#how-do-i-create-an-email-account

New services

These new webmail services could be added to the "Recommended section in https://www.fsf.org/resources/webmail-systems :

External links

This link is useful because it lists if the webmails requires JS or not, and it lists privacy issues.