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GNU/consensus Mailing List

Join the conversation on the mailing list.

The mailing list archives are public.

Before You Post

Upon subscription, please send a introduction message for yourself and your project.

  • It should mention [intro] in the Subject line, as per the #Topics.
  • Please write about yourself, and your interest in the project
  • If you're a Free Software package maintainer, and want your project to be listed in the Stakeholders page, please say so.
  • Add anything you deem interesting to spark discussion
  • Have fun!


To participate in the mailing list, you should abide to some common sense guidelines:

  • Do not send HTML email. Many users use text-based email readers, and it is therefore considered bad practice to use html formating on mailing lists.
  • Top posting is generally considered bad. It makes it hard to follow the discussion in longer threads.
  • Trim away unnecessary content. When replying to a mail, remove content that is not relevant for your reply, such as signatures and questions that you do not answer.
  • Do not reply to other messages to create a new topic/thread. This creates confusion with threaded readers. Create a new message.
  • Do your homework before asking on the list. Use search engines. Learn to ask smart questions.


The mailing list uses a Mailman feature called topics, where you can filter out emails that do not interest you. We strongly recommend to use that feature sparingly, and to select Yes to receive email without a topic, otherwise you will miss the general discussion.

The following topics are currently available:


[intro] is used for self-introductions. It allows to track who's who on the list. List members are encouraged to send an introduction message stating their interest in the project, their affiliation with a free software project, and if they have this authority, whether they agree with the GNU/consensus Manifesto and want their project to be listed on the Stakeholders page.

Project Meta Discussion

[meta] is used, mainly by the list owners, to pass information to the list regarding the functioning of the list or the project, such as this message.

You're welcome to propose new topics, using the [meta] keyword.


[protocol] is used to discuss a specific protocol, for peer-review.

Request For Comment

[RFC] is use to propose ideas for peer-review and adoption by the community.


[SH] is used to discuss prospective or existing stakeholders, that are, or may be listed on the Stakeholders page.


[wiki] is used to discuss a page or a topic on the (upcoming) wiki.