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Commotion Wireless

We're hugely excited to be a part of the GNU 30th year anniversary celebration! Here's what we have on our agenda for the weekend:

  • A demo of a five+ node wireless mesh network, which we hope and expect to grow in size as people install the new Linux client software on laptops. One of our main goals for the weekend is to test the Linux client on a bunch of different kinds of hardware.
  • Working on a native Linux service browser, which is currently just a kludgy port of the service browser running on our Open-WRT platform.
  • Compiling OLSR v.2 for all platforms
  • Driver checks to automatically determine whether or not devices will be able to successfully mesh
  • Various bugfixes for the Linx and Android platforms

Code and active issue trackers for all of our platforms (Open-WRT, Android, and Linux) are available at

.Deb Linux client packages can be downloaded from