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IRC INFO: #fdroid on Freenode

F-Droid is a catalog of free software applications for Android devices, including phones and tablets. At this hackathon, we will be working on adding programs to the repositories.

Installing F-Droid

F-Droid can be downloaded from Make sure your device is set up to allow installation of third party applications by visiting the Security section of your device settings and checking "Unknown sources."

Finding apps on Google Play

Google Play distributes many free software applications and has many applications that could be included in F-Droid, but it does not to allow users to filter by license type. Visit and search for keywords like "source code" or "GPL" to find free software apps.

Adding apps

First, make sure an application meets F-Droid's Inclusion Policy. After verifying that the application is free software, and checking that it's not already in the repositories, prepare the application's metadata. Advanced users can add apps with Git, but beginners can use the submission queue to nominate apps for inclusion.

Submission queue metadata template

Short description of application

Code license:


Issues/bug tracker:

Source code:

Donation link:

Does this application depend on any nonfree software? Yes/No

Visit the F-Droid manual for further technical information.