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Launched at LibrePlanet 2009, GNU FM and its flagship site have over 150,000 users and are fast approaching 100 million songs across the network. We'll be working closely with our sister project GNU social at the event.

How do we handle the next 150,000 users?

Federation is our next project goal, join us at GNU's 30th birthday celebrations at MIT, or join virtually at on Freenode.

At the event, we'll be focusing on our new design, taking the existing GNU FM design and rebooting with a fresh new design, on our fresh new hosting platform, sponsored by Bytemark Hosting and FooCorp.

Visit our site:

We use git for our version control system. You may need to install this before you can check out the code:

   git clone git://

This will give you the latest code checkout, too. If you don’t have git, you can download a copy now.

   git clone git://

This will give you all the specific stuff, like templates, logos, etc.