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Tor Hackathon at GNU30

Let's make some privacy happen.

We'll be working in room 66-168. If you've got an idea for something to work on, cool! Otherwise, you can look down our fine list of subprojects at [our volunteer page], and maybe poke around our [fine bugtracker] for more. You can check out code for our projects from our [git repositories].

We'll be using the #tor-hackathon channel on [OFTC]. You might also want to hang out on the #tor-dev channel.

For trying things out, why not make sure you have the [latest and greatest] version of the Tor Browser Bundle?

The main Tor developer present will be Nick Mathewson, who works on the Tor program itself. On Tor, Nick is hoping somebody might be interested in:

  • Implementing some of our [open proposals]. (See 000-index.txt for a list of the open ones.)
  • Fixing random issues marked as [easy] in our bugtracker.
  • Beginning a to hack Ed25519 signatures into the protocol as per [proposal 220].
  • Fixing our build system to support pkg-config and/or explicit per-package CFLAGS.
  • Adding siphash support for DoS-resistance on our hash tables.
  • Working to combine George Kadianakis's draft hidden service proposals into a revised hidden service protocol.
  • Improving unit test coverage and hunting for bugs. (See doc/HACKING in the Tor source for coverage information)
  • Code review, fixup, and and merge on our backlog of pending patches.
  • Any other ideas you have!

There are also some small projects Nick probably knows enough about to help with, including:

  • Chutney, a small and kludgey Python tool to generate Tor networks for testing. This small tool needs some clean-up before it's
  • David Goulet's [torsocks rewrite], an attempt to replace the existing "torsocks" program that adds Tor-flavored SOCKS support to arbitrary programs.
  • Writing more [pluggable transports] to hide traffic from online censorship firewalls. These can be in any programming language.

Nathon from Orbot will also be there for some of the time. He's suggested:

  • Update Orbot build systems to support the Android NDK x86 and MIPS targets (currently is only ARM)
  • Upgrade Orbot to use the latest version of OpenSSL for Android.
  • Get Obfs3 running on Android using a Python scripting frame work of some sort.

Other folks have suggested:

  • Converting our website from WML to a better website generation tool (jekyll and hakyll have been suggestd).
  • Improving the "Tor weather" node status reporting tool. (See [the list of tickets])
  • Combing through programs and protocols that people might want to use with Tor, hunting for privacy issues.
  • Work on various [HTTPS Everywhere tickets]. Yan, who worked on this at the EFF, will be around.

And if you have ideas of your own, please don't hesitate to bring them!