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The Community GNU Panama was founded in early 2008 in the city of David in Chiriqui, Panama, under the leadership of its technical team composed of:

President of the Community: Joshua Xavier Marrone Del Cid.

Founding members:

  • Juan Carlos Sanchez.
  • Carlos Sagel.
  • Gaddiel Espinosa.

Together they took on the task of organizing the first conference free software in the province of Chiriqui on August 22, 2008, with the topics of general interest:

  • CMS (Content Management System).

In addition to performing the design and construction of the official site of the community

Programs developed by the GNU Project Panama

The 'Community GNU Panama' is developing numerous projects that benefit the community, and encourage the intellectual development of its members, among its most notable projects are located.

  • Organization of the cycle of conferences and workshops on the GNU in various local universities.
  • Implementation and configuration of a system GNU / Linux in a portable, that is easy to handle and allows a transition from one user Windows to GNU / Linux environment.
  • Incorporating systems e-learning & e-working, to help educational institutions in their teaching process, thus allowing for another form of learning.
  • Effective solutions for companies that require not only security in their data, but also the integrity in them and simultaneously new solutions that can benefit the company in various aspects.

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