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Beijing GNU/Linux User Group

The Beijing GNU/Linux User Group (BLUG) was founded in Beijing on November 19th, 2002 and has since met at least monthly without exception. Awarded Best SFD 2007 event (1 of 3), Golden Bull 2008 by CSDN as a technology driving group and Best LUG of the Month by Linux Format early 2008. The Beijing GNU/Linux User Group has also been the host of many famous actors of our movement such as RMS, Ulrich Drepper, Mark Shuttleworth or Louis Suarez to name just a few.

The BLUG has grown from a monthly meeting organizer to offering a wide array of activities nowadays ranging from writing software to hacking hardware or just having fun around local food and drinks. Definitely a great bunch to visit if you're in town.


  • We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month for our regular meeting
  • We meet every other Tuesday as a social, geeky gathering which we call BLUG Tuesday
  • We meet almost every 1st Saturday of the month for Coding for Fun (a hackathlon kind of event)
  • One should check our website/IRC channel to make sure the event is on



Mailing List: Subscribe!

IRC: #chinalug on FreeNode

Region Asia
Area China, Beijing
Available language(s) English, Mandarin
Contact and #chinalug irc.gnu,org(freenode)
Members more than 100
Description Beijing GNU/Linux User Group
Current status Active