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The Group and Its Goals

BayLibre is a chapter of LibrePlanet based in and around the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the development and promotion of free software. We are all about doing our part in furthering the ideals presented by the FSF as well as creating a thriving, local hub for like-minded enthusiasts like yourself. We are welcoming of any and all individuals with any amount of interest in the above, and operate in accordance with the LibrePlanet Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.


The easiest way to get in touch would be to either hop on our IRC channel and chat with us directly, or alternatively send out an introduction to our mailing list (link coming soon). After we get acquainted and you have a better idea of what we're all about, you can formally join us by:

  • Adding {{user BayLibre}} anywhere on your profile, thereby joining our team list.
  • Participate! :D

Region North America
Area San Francisco Bay Area, California
Contact Chris Bolton
Members 1
Current status Generating interest...