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Bull Codes project is stopped due of lacked of contributor

If you would like to make it comes back free as in freedom, ping aurelien for the domain name and bring back to life Bull Codes

Welcome in the Bull Codes Community Coding Group - Every One is Free to Join!

This group have the goal to help and works together to find the way in programming language with a place for all free coders.

Why Bull Codes? And not Savannah??

We prefer you to host your code at Savannah

For, thus that savannah is not like they wish ... Bull Codes is here for you.

Because we need a Free As In Freedom place for our codes to share them and improve them as we improve ourself

Bull Codes is born for the request of Alimiracle on the libreplanet discuss mailing list after have been be acquired by

Bull Codes is made and support by the Free Software Corsica (non-profit association)

Bull Codes refuse donation, but accept people support.

How to help?

just join, use and share.

How contact us to works together?

You can join us on #bullcodes

Signification of the Logo

The logo is born from the mix of Kallithea (tool used for the website) and GNU.

Join Us!

You can add a user box Bull Codes Community coding by putting
{{user Bull-Codes}}
on your user page.
Note Bull-Codes Group
Region WorldWide
Area WorldWide
Website Bull Codes Community Coding
Available language(s) English
Contact Aurélien
Members 3
Description Community Coding
Current status Stand By
Gitbull-libreplanet.png Community Coding Bull Codes.