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Welcome in the Computers Without Borders Group - Every One is Free to Join!

This project is now stopped - ping aurelien to discuss about it / reactivated it

This group have been created to present Computers Without Borders a branch of the Free Software Corsica association to give action in spreading free software and free hardware arrount the world.

"How a Society at the XXIth Century can be free without Free Software and Free Hardware?" -- Aurélien DESBRIÈRES

Why this group? Why CWB?

Free Software and Free Hardware need active NGO all arround the world to spread Free Knowledges and increase financial solutions.

Free Software and Hardware projects, need press support.

At this time you can also use CWB as a form of press support for your projects.

The goal of CWB respond of tuples of situations at the same time, give an action group to spread about free solution (hardware and software) arround the world, (without borders) but with a true support to help them in that way.

It also respond to the cloud situation that some people from marketing and press are trying to change the meaning of decentralization with cloud by computers without borders (get time to verify via a google search)

CWB is simply a branch of which is a non-profit association recognize by France and the European Commission as Association of Representant of Interest. It don't claim for anything rather than spread knowledge, and, if it comes to make money, we will use that money directly on projects and/or 100% injection in FSF.

Who can join?

Everyone which have knowledge about GNU / Linux-libre, experience on LAN, Computer Sciences are welcome.

Why join CWB?

At the time that a governemental desk, school ... corporate or simple fundation, can have needs about Free Computing Knowledge, a volunteer can be join to help them directly, in there native language.

As explain in sections before you can also use CWB as a form of press support to spread about your projects.

More volunteers CWB have more we can be recognize as an active NGO and so invest on Free Software/Hardware Projects.

Join Us!

You can add a user box supporting Computers Without Borders group by putting
{{user CWB}}
on your user page.
Computers Without Borders
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Description The Computers Without Borders group help you to find green arrows volunteer all arround the world
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Computers Without Borders