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About the Day Against DRM

Getting Involved

Visit for more on how you can get involved, along with ideas for actions.

Once you've written a blog or decided on an action:

  1. List your blog/action here
  2. Take a few minutes to Digg, Dent, or otherwise share the actions listed on this page.
  3. Link to this list and the Day Against DRM page in posts about your own activism.

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Blog Posts and Articles

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If you've written something for the Day Against DRM, list it here. Follow this example so that others can easily share your post.

A note on sharing sites: We recommend the and reddit social sharing sites because they follow ethical guidelines and respect their users. Other popular sites for sharing news like Twitter and Facebook are a problem for technology users -- they are set up to lock users to their services and deny them basic privacy and autonomy. But it's important that we let people everywhere know about the dangers of DRM, so if you have an account on these sites, please help spread the word on those sites too. (But don't let sharing important news about DRM lead to further use of such sites.) To people posting links: Facebook and Twitter links are fine, but please post sharing links to and reddit too.





Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • João S. O. Bueno explains DRM: A light on technical details explanation of what is DRM and its historical roots - tried keep it a light reading while providing the reasoning behind the creation of DRM - and why it is selfish and faulty.

Online Actions

"Live" Actions

Boston, MA, USA: FSF Protest @ Apple Store 10:30AM

The FSF was protesting Apple's use of DRM (particularly on the iPhone and iPad) at the Boylston St. Apple Store in Boston, MA. Join us! Share on Reddit |


Indian Libre User Group(ILUG),Kochi,Kerala, India

ILUG Kochi will be conducting meetings at different parts of Kochi City (Kerala,India) to spread awareness about DRM and its evil effects.

  • What is DRM and its intension, the conspiracy and the threat to Freedom.
  • Discussion on Products having DRM.
  • The fight against DRM and the campaigns organized by FSF.
  • Discussion on how we can help to eliminate DRM.
  • Pledge to fight against DRM.

ILUG Cochin Meetings