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This is the FINAL VERSION: File:Fsfrewind it.vtt

This translation is completed


This is the first version of the Italian translation. It needs a review. Please email once final so we can upload it everywhere.

I reviewed this file and I think it's good, there are no errors.

The only remark i can make is that some writings stay on the screen for a too short time and that makes for a suboptimal user experience Catonano (talk)

I know, I wondered if the conversation at 00:46-00:56 was too fast to read and you just confirmed me. The only solution would be to shorten the lines, for example like this:

Cue-6: Ma non abbiamo le risorse necessarie. Cue-7: Dobbiamo farlo! Sono in gioco milioni di vite. Cue-8: Lo so! Dico solo che ci serve più aiuto. Cue-9: Potremmo adattare il codice scritto da Wendell.

I'm waiting for somebody to make these and any adjustments they want to validate the translation Simone (talk)

Simone i (talk) 08:21, 13 November 2020 (EST)