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Note: a lot of discussion is taking place at Group talk:FSF/Tasks/ModifyNoScript.

The Task: Block non-free javascript

Many websites try to send non-free javascript to you when you browse them. Most web-browsers, including free software ones, automatically execute this javascript. Which leads to the problem of running non-free software without having had the choice or being aware of it. This problem is described in more detail in Richard Stallman's essay The JavaScript Trap.


GNU LibreJS is the first -and currently the only- project which implements the desired behaviour.

Mailing lists:

Interested parties

(Add your name, perhaps a link to your userpage) and some way for people to contact you.

  1. User:lduros lduros[at]member[dot]fsf[dot]org
  2. User:nvjacobo jacobo[at]gnu[dot]org
  3. Caz Downing-Bryant User:Vonkow/Profile caz[at]vonkow[dot]webfactional[dot]com
  4. dmonhntr kt54speed \\ at \\ ymail \\ dot \\ com
  5. Ben [dh]{at}[fsf]{dot}[com]
  6. Luisvega vega{at}member{dot}fsf{dot}org
  7. EduardoFreitas eduardofilipef [at] gmail [dot] com
  8. Esetzer use email address at top of my resume

Navigating the NoScript source code

You can download the source code of noscript here:

It seems to be written in javascript, and the majority of the code is in a zip-file called noscript.jar in the "chrome" directory.

(RequestWatchdog.js seems to be the file that checks requests, and may be the one that we need to modify -Caz)

dmonhntr's Modified NoScript

dmonhntr's Test Page:

dmonhntr's Trivialness Script:

If you have any questions about the dmonhntr stuff above, just email me (dmonhntr) at address above.