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The FSF tech team could really use some help from some skilled hackers!

What makes a good volunteer

  • You run GNU/Linux on your personal computer.
  • You know the command line.
  • You know some basics of GNU/Linux server administration.
  • You can create a virtual machine on a computer you own with virt-manager or virsh and expose a port to the internet.
  • You know how to use git.
  • You can write technical documentation.
  • You are comfortable communicating on mumble and IRC (we also have room in our Boston office).
  • You have at least a few hours to spend.

How to volunteer

Email and tell us:

  • Things you are interested in working on (see project ideas below).
  • Overview of skills you have.
  • How much time you guess you have.

We will reply to discuss the next steps.

Examples of ways to contribute

There are many more possibilities, this is just some of the more obvious things.

Core FSF work that needs lots of collaboration with the tech team

  • Upgrade the operating system on one of our virtual machines. Document and fix various issues that come up.

Work that can be done more independently

  • Help make an FSF-run web site available as a Tor hidden service.
  • Improve JShelter, LibreJS, or H-Node.
  • Improve the FSF History page Right now it is just HTML and CSS, it needs to become generated from markdown, be in it, have translations ((We have a list of a few other things).
  • If you have significant security experience, there might be some specific work to help secure FSF run systems. In that case, please send a detailed resume to

About the FSF tech team

The FSF tech team is: Michael, Ian, and Andrew We (the tech team) are able to give roughly daily assistance to volunteers, but we have to be careful that the time helping a volunteer leads to more work being done than doing the work ourselves. In the past few years, two big projects we've announced plans for, the FSF forge and the FSF website remake have slipped as other work has taken priority. That is part of the reason we are starting to actively recruit volunteers (now in summer 2022).

Another relevant page for volunteers: Group:FSF:Tech_Team_Volunteer_Handbook


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