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Making sticker packs is one of the ways to help out at the FSF office. This page contains the instructions for the task.

Making Sticker Packs

The FSF store sells variety sticker packs. It's handy to have these packed up and ready to go when they're ordered. You can find individual stickers in the shop inventory closet - this is locked most of the time and someone will have to let you in. There are also stickers in boxes in the sticker closet. Finished envelopes go in a cardboard box in the inventory closet. Every envelope should contain these stickers, while supplies last:

  • 2 FSF Logo (oval)
  • 2 GNU head
  • 2 Eliminate DRM
  • 2 GPLv3
  • 2 iBad - Bad for your freedom
  • 2 Dynamic Duo
  • 1 Boycott Sony!
  • 1 Rotten Apple / Keep your lawyers....
  • 1 Replicant
  • 1 RUN GCC
  • 1 Emacs logo
  • 1 There Is No Cloud
  • 1 BASH logo
  • 1 GNU Emacs "kitchen sink" icon
  • 3 GNU/Linux Inside! - the ones on the roll, not the fancy foil ones
  • Sometimes we have a pile of stickers around from other FS projects and groups - these can go in the sticker packs