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Joshua, a staff member of the FSF, has expressed to me the FSF's interest in creating an annotated bibliography of academic papers that discuss free software and/or software freedom. If enough articles are found, then the FSF may publish a lit review.


There hasn't been such an effort at the FSF before, so it will be interesting to see what gets discovered. It'll be valuable to know and to demonstrate what academics think about free software, its implications and uses. If there is actual data, evidence, or insight that shows the value of free software according to peer-reviewed authors, then that corroborates the FSF's message for those who are sceptical about software freedom.

subject targets

Papers that are of most interest are those that focus on free software in the 'hard sciences'. They could be about the use and/or development of free software for any stage of their research. Those that discuss software freedom in the 'soft sciences' are of interest too. (It's ok if authors say 'open source', since sometimes people say it without knowing it misses the point.)

papers that have been found

See also those listed on the talk page that haven't had their citation templates imported to the LP wiki.

Zotero Groups

Joshua has pointed out Zotero, which is an AGPL extension for firefox. It's useful for keeping track of articles you are interested in, and for automatically finding and exporting bibliographical information. Supported export formats include html, wikimedia citation template calls, and many others.

Zotero also supports sharing what you've found with other people. Here are some of the groups people have made on Zotero's website: