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Issues ==

The National Whistle blowers Center, www.whistle, a good group of people fighting for freedoms and protections for whistle blowers, is using proprietary java script on at least some of their web site. The Firefox addon librejs identifies those pages.

I emailed the group as follows:

Dear NWC:

I checked out your new web page. It looks good. I tried to "Take Action" but was told "Javascript must be enabled to use this action." This causes a problem for me.

JavaScript programs create menus, buttons, text editors, music players, and many other features of Web sites, so browsers generally come configured to download and run them without ever making users aware of it. Contrary to popular perception, almost no JavaScript runs "on the Web site" -- even though these JavaScript programs are hidden from view, they are still non free code being executed on your computer.

Being a lover of freedom, including the freedom to blow the whistle on bad guys, I also demand the freedom to keep proprietary software off my computer.

Please see the "Free Software Foundation" website to fix this.

I am sorry to say that I cannot take any action in support of your efforts until this issue is resolved.

Thank you,

Kevin Reynolds

I got a response:

Dear Kevin Reynolds,

Thank you for your email. Our action alerts are hosted by a vendor and therefore that is something that we cannot change. If you know of any on

line advocacy software vendors that don't use javascript, I'd be happy 

to check them out.

I appreciate the feedback on this issue.


Mary Jane Wilmoth

Mary Jane Wilmoth sits on the board of directors and is the Secretary & Treasurer of the National WhistleBlowers Center.

I contacted the Free Software Foundation to inform them about the issue.

 Over the course of a few emails it was decided that maybe a wiki page 

set up for this might be of benefit as there may be others who care about this issue with this organization.

There is a secondary issue. It is recommended that https be used when you connect to the site as otherwise that connection is not secure.