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Notes for Campaigns meeting 7/2

Present: John, Libby, Zak, Kyra


Netflix action:

  • We are doing a review of how the action is doing so far, and will use this to put together a short blog post and to guide our next steps.
  • Netflix image/link will go in sidebar on DbD
  • We will solicit help from the DbD discuss list in drafting a DRM FAQ (including the question, why is DRM in streaming media wrong?)
  • Will will draft an email for FS Supporters/blog on explaining why Netflix's proposal is a problem for GNU/Linux users and point people to
  • Possible additional tactic, an action taken by someone who got our email: post reviews on a site that allows for company reviews (get the name from the ticket)

PRISM response:

  • The draft language for the page on is being reviewed
  • Need to put together a plan with next steps.