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Campaigns meeting notes 07-15-13


  • Attendee number
* Goal of 300 attendees, which means 500 people registered
* In 2013 about 60% of the registered people actually came
* If we do more student outreach, we need to have programming to match  
  • Make the event more kid-friendly, including programming for kids and child care
* John will have to see if our insurance covers it
* We could also see if we can get help with it through the union
  • Gender ratio
* Better in speakers will lead to better in attendees, if we get the time to do promotion
* Child care might help
  • Followthrough
* Set a goal to have the videos all published within a month after the conference
  • Set a goal for media coverage
  • Encourage more remote participation, like a video call-in. RMS has ideas about this.
  • Budget planning, grant research, volunteer planning, venue research divided among Libby, Willy, Kxra and Zak


  • Do we want to promote RMS's RT interview or that picture of him with Assange?
* Willy will dent and see if there's anything else useful to do
  • John added campaigns-discuss to CiviCRM so the token contact.first_name shows up in test emails.
  • Zak will look into configuring CiviCRM so that when it doesn't have a name for a contact, it just uses a default name like "Supporter"