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Campaigns Meeting Agenda 07-22-2013

Present: John, Zak, Willie, Libby


  • Draft plan for campaign: Zak
  • Main item is to improve the resources in the free software directory. Expand entries and revamp visually. Zak will take lead


  • Announcement timing and our response (This needs to be well under way before Zak leaves for vacation)
  • Keeping Netflix boycott moving, capitalize on press we're getting

Action items:

  • Blog post w/ sell your stock ask: Publish by COB Thursday
  • Continue social media push
  • Continue to refine our messaging
  • Reach out to the people who wrote about us (Willie will help with press outreach)
  • Timing: this week

GNU 30

  • There is a draft plan on brains
  • Schedule Hackfest/mini conference meeting later this week
  • VIP invitations and venue research and planning docs done this week


  • FreeJS: Greenpeace email is out. Will get page on, possibly own domain with redirect
  • Willie will draft media goblin release, including libreplanet 2014 group signup ask, for Thursday

Form for RT publication tickets to standardize information for Willie. Maintain on brains but make a template