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Campaigns Meeting Agenda 07-29-2013

Present: John, Libby, Willie, Zak

Replicant fundraiser

  • Seems to be doing well so far, already raised more than $8,000!
  • What kinds of analysis/postmortem would be good for this?
    • How many of these people were brand-new donors? How many donated as a result of our outreach as opposed to somewhere else? John says he doesn't need the campaigns team to collec this information right now.
  • Take-aways:
    • People aren't aware of the freedom issues with Android
    • People like seeing exactly what the money will be used for (buying new phones) and seeing that it will be used well (mention of our previous donation of a Galaxy Tab).


GPG adoption drive plan discussion

  • Next steps and potential additions to plan:
    • Referral system like donations, perhaps using the reply bot concept
    • Figure out who we'll work with for design materials. Kirby, Bassam, Dan Fitzmartin, the Prism-Break guy etc.
    • Decide if we'll have a video component
    • Build in a test period with a little focus group to make sure our materials are high quality
    • Other goals: new members, number of people on the mailing list, following us on Twitter. Add anything relevant to the template itself.
    • Temporally refine goals; what will happen in the first week, the first month, etc. Element of time is important for motivating people.
    • Get more specific about the software that will be involved. Be careful about Thunderbird and trademarks.
    • Think about the flow of the materials. Review existing setup guide for GPG and guides for other software that explain it well. Willie says Trisquel has a really good tutorial.
    • Potentially have CiviCRM start emailing people with encryption.
    • Potentially have our system send people a reminder some day in the future or periodically to keep their encryption up to date.
    • Have a download mirror or something similar in the guide to help us track people's involvement.
      • Keep in mind the strange export controls on encryption, as mentioned somewhere else on our Web sites.
    • Make sure to give credit to GnuPG maintainer and link to their donation stuff.


  • Shoot for tomorrow (Tuesday 7/30) for Netflix divestment post. Blog post to DbD and email to DbD.

DbD redesign

  • Redesign of DbD by Quilted may take place in September. John would be the contact with Quilted but others would have to be available to provide feedback.
  • We could ask for a logo or banner to be developed for the guide.

GNU 30th

  • Probably nothing has happened since our meeting about this on Friday
  • Zak will make sure to get online presence aspect of this started this week before he goes.

Miscellaneous outreach

  • Potential activity with Conference for Digital Media and idTech camps.
  • We should plan to publish something about our meeting with idTech. It would be good to take a photo for a blog post.
  • If Libby goes in Zak's stead next week, Wednesday is the day she'd want to do it.

Zak out next week and John working remote

  • People should let Zak know if there is anything he should create to help people be prepared to act in his absence.
    • Outline of blog post response to W3C overturning EFF proposal? Zak will decide if this is necessary after he reads the email that John forwarded from the W3C discussion list.