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GNU 30

  • Today we will tell the Webmasters to put the site up after everyone looks over the stuff.
  • Zak will see if volunteers can work on getting food donations
  • Cake is important
  • John and Libby will discuss new GNU logo
  • Zak will review Willie's draft of the banner


  • Zak sent John Web page copy and logo ideas for him to review. John will review this. Zak and Sankha are working on email announcement now.
  • It would be awesome to send logo designs to design this week. Sankha will work with John to get it approved.


  • LibrePlanet video is ready for our review. Meeting to watch it on Wednesday if John is available.
  • Zak has budget information and will analyze it this week.
  • Libby has been doing research on the venue with Jasimin.
  • We should review places other than Harvard, but we are keeping it as a backup. Hopefully we'll have better ideas about where the event should be within a few weeks.
  • Next LibrePlanet meeting will happen Thursday or Friday. Libby will send an email out about it. Everyone should move their work forward by then.


  • Campaigns team will review email Zak sent out about Conference for Digital Media
  • RT number will probably drop now that John is back