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Campaigns meeting 09/03/2013


  • Lots of great projects participating in the hackathon at the event!
  • Planning to release new landing page on Thursday, along with press release
  • Libby and John talking about scholarship people
  • Zak is working with Webmasters on the new landing page
  • Satellite events now include Bangladesh in addition to Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kitchener, Ontario; and Prague, Czech Republic.
    • John will tell Zak what Madix is saying about the Paris satellite event
  • GNU-A-Day stuff will be going up once per week in blocks of 7. Libby is working on the rest of the first week's set to go up with the page.
  • Zak will change it to GNU-a-Day


  • 143 CCs as on 10:00 AM
  • Willie working on export script. Tickets are currently open until export script works. Zak made a page to track impact.

Divest Netflix

  • ~750 page views for the blog
  • Two tweets with the hashtag and one very unsuccessful Reddit post. Partly due to sharing site problems. Willie is looking into sharing site problems.

Digital Media Conference (

  • Shall we send a speaker to the Saturday plenary, which is entitled "Freedom: Digital Technology in the Service of Grassroots Social Movements"? Deb will already be in this plenary
    • Libby is having lunch with Deb tomorrow and will talk about it
  • We can still propose a workshop as Libby mentioned, i.e. Safer Journalism and Activism with Free Software. Jason liked this idea and said he could help find journalism people if we find FS people for this panel.
    • Libby will handle developing this panel idea
  • There aren't lead-up events for DMC before GNU30 other than SFD, so that option is out for copromotion.