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  • Registration going well so far
  • Email to Supporters on Wednesday
  • Willie getting program draft done by end of day Wednesday

Encryption drive

  • Zak is talking to volunteers
  • Shooting for mid-October to have guide go out


  • BBC post goes out on Thursday. Decide on ask.
  • Goal is publicity and activation of a new group of people outside of the US. Make this an issue that isn't just about corporations behaving as we would expect corporations to behave. Also about people's tax money going down the drain.
  • Get John initial copy by early afternoon tomorrow. Circulate plan before that.


  • Student group is willing to sponsor event, but venue not yet confirmed


  • Computer camp blog post and librejs post should both go out in time for Supporter this month.
  • Board report on track to be done on Wednesday.
  • Defective by Design site coming along. Designers finding new ways to make signup streamlined. New revision will be available soon.