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  • John requested a blog post soon about this
    • Libby and/or Zak will do this about The Witcher 3, a game which is being released this week without DRM


  • Zak has to set up list and get them started on Greenpeace and Indiegogo

GPG adoption drive

  • Libby says we should try to do this by the end of November before the fundraiser
    • Zak is nervous about the timeline but thinks it would be a good time to launch

Metrics homework reportbacks

  • Reminded everyone of their tasks


  • CFS outreach
    • Kxra will try to get the CFS on other sites and blogs
  • General LP meeting on Wednesday
  • Tentative volunteer meeting on 11/20, which Libby will attend
  • Libby and Zak will meet, hopefully on Wednesday, to get Libby working on the Web site

FS Awards

  • topper
  • processing nominations
    • Libby and Zak will talk about this in their Thursday check-in
  • additional blog post?

Publications for the week

  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Bulletin
    • Willie working hard on this and also going to put up the Spring Bulletin
  • Supporter translations


  • Libby says we should have a better system for it
  • Zak says that we should formalize RT work to make sure it is actually getting done
  • Assigning responsibility for setting daily goal?
  • Assigning responsibility for rando external correspondence that comes in?
  • Triage
    • Look regularly for urgent tickets
  • Redistributing tickets when one person has too many?
  • Weekly campaigns meeting could include a review of RT, including long-term tickets like the ones that are 6 months old


  • Kxra will prepare response to XBox One and PS4 lauch