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  • Everyone, add the items you are responsible for to the general fundraising timeline and the punchlist for everything that has to be done before Thanksgiving. These will be linked to from the general Fall Fundraising area.
  • Banner
    • Slogan ideas will be circulated soon that include "build us up"
    • This must be done before Thanksgiving
  • Widget (lower priority than banner)
    • Gotta decide soon if we want Zak to make a fundraising widget for this year separate from what Zyxware will do
    • Hoping to at least make this decision before Thanksgiving
  • Graphic
    • Do this in-house or with an existing image
    • Basic graphic before thanksgiving
  • Donation page
    • Up and tested
  • GNU-a-Days
    • Willie has done some thinking on this and has some notes
  • Timeline
    • Libby made it but it needs John's review
  • Appeals
    • We need the static page first, then we will draft the first appeal based on it. Libby will get John page text by end of day today.

Giving Guide Launch

  • Moving launch to tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/26)
  • Launch Punchlist
    • Create a separate announcement email for the DbD list, in addition to the one for Supporters that is already written
  • Planning to make a distribution plan for December
  • Press outreach this week

LibrePlanet registration

  • Moving launch announcements to 4th or 5th of December and making tomorrow's launch just a soft launch, with distribution to the volunteers

GPG Campaign

  • Tentative January launch
    • Libby fears this is ambitious
  • Zak and John will meet in the first week of December to make sure everyone is on the same page about what we will be producing (i.e. will there be an infographic in addition to the instructions?)

Other ongoing campaigns work

  • TPP post is by the wayside, along with BBC
  • Libby will do some TPP research to figure out what we should do