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Campaigns Meeting 2013-12-10


  • How much have we raised so far?
    • 76,074.46
  • Appeals so far, and their metrics
    • Jeanne discovered a problem with the first appeal with targetting that Willie is looking at.
  • Appeals for this week
    • Sweatshirt email today
    • John writing additional GNU press mail going out tomorrow
  • Personal appeals pages
    • Zak hoping to get them started in the end of this week
  • Daily PDTs
    • Willie's idea is FSF by the numbers
  • Graphics and banners update
    • Image in the banner is highest priority, then front page, then widget
  • Brainstorm celebrities to engage, other unique tactics
    • Tactics
      • Photo of the mountain climber guy
      • Collage or carousel
      • Things you don't want to miss from 2013, blog posts and stuff that were particularly popular
      • Raffle/giveaway
      • Social media thing where people tweet their favorite thing about the FSF
      • Modal, pop-up
      • Dye the join now button green

Giving Guide Action

  • Libby made a plan that she will send out, with action items for people
  • Willie will send out volunteer email shortly


  • Volunteer meeting upcoming tomorrow
  • Zak may fall behind on his LP timelines this week and will touch base with Libby about it on Thursday


  • John out on Thursday, Friday and Monday
  • Zak out 30th