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Campaigns Meeting 12-23-2013


  • How are we doing on our timelines? Identify areas that need triage
    • Libby says program/speaker selection going well. Will hopefully be able to send some speaker confirmations as soon as she gets back from vaca.
    • Scholarship email will go out today. Scholarship links are in the carousel but have to go in sidebar too
    • Libby says behind on exhibition hall and sponsorship, but planning to get that out as soon as she returns from vacation
    • Outreach is a little behind and we need to work hard on it in early January.

Other things for this week besides fundraising

  • What else must happen before COB today (Willie leaves)
    • Review Jeanne's appeal to members
  • COB tomorrow (Libby leaves)?
  • Willie will do impact report for Libby's scholarship appeal (minor action)