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Campaigns Meeting 2014-04-07

New business

  • Amazon Fire
    • Libby will look into opportunities. Upcoming events, etc.
  • Apple campaign
    • Update Apple page to be more about patents, ask people to boycott apple. Look into creating more general page that integrates our criticism of Windows, OS X, iOS, etc.

Planning/Upcoming/Ongoing campaigns

  • Day Against DRM (May 6)
    • Planning to do photoshoot with the HAZMAT suits
    • Other people will be available for some help with this, especially the stuff that should be happening quickly
  • GPG infographic (May 28): should this be the soft launch date with hard launch on the Snowden leak anniversary on June 5?
    • Yes
  • Revamping our campaigns
    • Libby will plan a date for the next meeting
    • There are also a bunch of tickets for tasks that were agreed upon in the meeting. Libby will make tickets for them.

DbD launch

  • Zak will get John the edited Keurig post by late morning so he can approve it before he gets on his plane in the early afternoon

Other updates

  • Reset the Net updates
  • Intel inside sticker--can we make this?
  • EFF wants to relaunch Tor challenge and have our help. John asked for more info. Maybe Steve Revilak and Dan Fitzmartin could do it together.