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Campaigns Meeting 2014-04-07

Day Against DRM

  • Timeline review
  • Some publishers have agreed to do stuff

DbD site

  • Keurig post

Nearly done

Amazon Fire

  • Libby found any leads?

Still timely, going to draft campaign plan for Wednesday including an article and proposed action and considerations for DaD.


  • Discuss the community tab on and what should live there.

Zak is adding links to lp-discuss, the conference, and a nice image of community, and a link to the volunteer page

  • Review minor changes to removed LibrePlanet, merged DRM in HTML5 with DbD

Couple of additional changes made during the meeting

  • Dan is gonna work on Tor video with Steve Revilak as reader.
  • Heartbleed: Libby doing impact report and proposing follow up blog post
    • Next week's meeting will be held at noon on Tuesday the 22nd.**