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Willie out in SF

  • Willie online Wednesday morning, then offline Wednesday afternoon, all of Thursday and Friday, maybe checking some email. On Monday and Tuesday he will be probably offline but maybe online a little if he feels guilty
  • Willie will make a list of anything that he needs campaigns to schedule

APC Free Software Award

  • Willie PDTing nomination link
  • Libby working on blog post

Day Against DRM (May 6)

  • HAZMAT shoot turned out well
  • Other people will be available for some help with this, especially the stuff that should be happening quickly
  • Willie will do technical stuff
  • Suggestion to ask for John's approval: make a canonical page for DaDRM that we use every year, stop making a new one for each year
  • Zak will find out if we are launching new site and when.

Planning/Upcoming/Ongoing campaigns

  • GPG infographic (May 28)
    • Libby and Zak will meet after Libby's check-in with John at approx 3:00 PM
  • DBD Launch
    • Zak will check in with John about when this launch will happen. Do it with the DaDRM 2-week email?
  • Amazon Fire
  • Heartbleed follow up
    • We will PDT FSFE's blog post


  • Nico says that we should shrinkify home/common/libreplanet if possible.
    • Zak will check if it is urgent and if so, copy the videos onto his work computer. He will get a volunteer in for cropping and posting the videos.
  • Windows 8 campus tour. See: <> and ticket 908649 from RMS
    • Willie sent out this email to Windows 8 list
  • Should we start using RT due dates for time sensitive stuff?
    • Yes! Libby will figure out the best way to do it technically and let us know. Then we'll discuss it a month later in a campaigns meeting. For now, make sure due dates are mentioned somewhere in ticket body as well.
  • New EFF tool for emailing congress
  • updates