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Campaigns Meeting 2014-05-19

New Business


  • Strong response from membership, mostly positive. We have some good quotes from the emails.
    • Lots of people are asking which browser they should be using. We don't have a sure answer for this yet because we don't know exactly what all the browsers are doing.
  • This change has not been implemented in a released version of Firefox
  • TICKET: Update DRM in HTML 5 materials to link up to the new statement about Mozilla. Write to Mozilla from the new blog post should go into the take action section on DbD.
  • TICKET FOR LIBBY: short DbD blog post (no email) that points to the FSF statement and quotes the action section
  • Idea for followup post - quotes from the emails that people wrote to Mozilla
  • JOHN will work on the followup article
  • ZAK will do the impact report for the Mozilla statement on Thursday, one week after the launch
  • ZAK will update the money stuff in the GPG high-level plan based on the designer budget

Planning/Upcoming/Ongoing campaigns


postponed to next week

  • Post-mortem and analytics
  • Pick date for next year. It would probably be most effective on weekend, but we need to make sure that's ok with everyone. John says we need campaigns and outreach and sysadmin staff in.

GPG Guide

  • Budget discussion
    • Designers thought we wanted a few things that we don't want, so that will lower the price.
    • John says that with the removal of the 24 hours for copyrighting and maybe the 10 hours for CMS should be good enough
  • ZAK will get the plan for creating the copy together today and send it out today
  • ZAK will get a phone call with the designers ASAP

Net Neutrality

  • LIBBY will write a blog post following up on our mention of the rally

National Medal of Technology and Innovation

  • LIBBY will write a post about this on Monday which will go out Monday or Tuesday

Publication template

  • LIBBY will update it


  • Do we want to restore the Defective by Design logs?
    • Yes but not now