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Jasimin, Chrissie, John


  • Improving the volunteer coordination
  • Jasimin can issue UPS label for the volunteers to return leftover merchandises from conferences.
  • Chrissie followed up with San Francisco package
  • Suggestion: please include link to brains page of event in ticket for easy accessibility


  • Jasimin is getting a quote for 5000 donation cards, 5000 reply envelops, 13,000 letterhead and 9000 bulletin envelope from RC Bradshaw
  • Bulletin should be ordered by end of June 12 to Red Sun, so they can do the proof for Friday and start the printing job and deliver around noon Monday, June 23rd.
  • A lot of the duplicate mailing problems have been resolved.
  • Chrissie has processed returned envelopes (originally at 17 lbs; now at 1.5 lbs)
  • Chrissie will do the math in the advance and bring USPS a sample. We want USPS to check the process and confirm to avoid call back for additional postage.
  • Print batches to 50-75 at a time for ease
  • Progress chart on white board; ie: country boxes
  • 3 people per box (domestic)/2 people (intl): assembly line; 1 for donation/bulletin, 1 for bulletin/letter/envelope, 1 for stamp and glue
  • Stamp ISAL next week, just at their desk, 3000 envelops on top of the shelf in the shipping area.


  • Follow-up on declines. Jasimin can generate a decline report.

Jeanne sent notes

  • Giving an address-due date
  • Getting the address in time
  • Use the events wiki page more
  • Things that should always be recorded include:
 ship dates
 tracking numbers
 number and weight of boxes
 funds raised
 returned inventory
 discrepancies in funds
 discrepancies in returned inventory expected
 whether you plan to attend a conference (to speak or just to attend)
 all follow-up action:
 Jeanne's added a "follow-up" subsection to the "POST-CONFERENCE ACTION" section.  Please **record there all action you take to follow up on something** and whether that was **by voice or by e-mail** (and **link** to related RT ticket when there is a new one), because that will help others assess the situation or better follow up themselves.
 when possible, please **use the same RT ticket to follow up,** to minimize the number of related tickets and redundancies
  • work and track packages for European depot delivered and picked up in time and resolve ticket
  • All European Depot shipments should be assigned to the shipper
  • Provide tracking number in the subject line (wherein YYYY-MM-DD is the ship date).
- RMS speech - European Depot - YYYY-MM-DD
+ RMS speech - European Depot - YYYY-MM-DD - carrier tracking number