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Declined report

  • Jasimin ran report March 1st until June 15th; she deleted obvious frauds.
  • You see multiple charges to same person. Lots of memberships lapsed due to credit card fail. They receive an email about membership expiring, but not one about the credit card declining. Chrissie will email these people with suggestions on getting their payments thru. I will start with memberships.
  • Chrissie will be sure to check to make sure they didn't complete a successful payment.
  • Weekly report will be made by Jasimin and sent to fundraising queue.
  • The declined report is crm and amt.

Upcoming shipments

  • Chrissie is making box for RMS tomorrow to pick up on Friday. Set aside books for him to sign. He needs to sign baby gnu and mail to taiwan.
  • The rest should be Jose.
  • Jasimin doesn't believe we sold anything from Commonbound. After Chrissie does inventory tomorrow, we will double-check with the ticket.
  • We received the SF package this week from the May 2nd conference. RMS brought back money.
  • OSCON ticket in licensing queue; 10 business day in advance. Don should move it to copyright.

Inventory records on brains

  • Jasimin keeps records.
  • On the wiki, record profits better. Figure out the net from the event, but combining sales and donations minus fees and time. Including travel expenses.
  • Try to record what items sell well, and which don't.
  • Should we spend money for a booth at Linuxcon - Chicago? We decided to do it because we have solid volunteers there. This is a new event for us; it's 3 days long. End of August.
  • Lost items: different question, needs to be recorded but doesn't impact whether we attend events or not. Event summary is just going to be information we are going to use.


  • 400 pre-cancelled stamps left over. We will purchase 3 rolls (9000) on Friday. Chrissie will go to S Station, and do the math on the documents beforehand.
  • We have a lot of emm trays and bags.
  • All supplies ordered. Still need to buy gloves and snacks.
  • Jeanne can handle fundraising queue 23rd to 25th.
  • Reorganizing back office: 2 tables closest to printer will hold my printer, plus the papers printed and John. Alex's desk will hold the folding machine.
  • Chrissie will do Fundraising tickets first thing in the morning; save time for states.