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Conference shipments

   Review for HOPE conference. We will increase the shirts, so we can get a better idea of what sells before running out. We have possibly some staff going to the event as well which can increase the sales more.
   Stickers/materials mailed out Thursday/Friday. Merchandise mailed out Monday.
   Campaigns is making flyers for email-self-defense guide.
   OSCON was shipped out today.
   SF shipment: Chrissie will follow with SF for the package that was delivered to the wrong address

RMS upcoming speech in Colombia and Venezuela

   Due to the difficult custom check in Colombia, two weeks may not be enough to send the packages to arrive in time for RMS speeches on July 25. RMS may have to take part of the items and we will send the packages of remaining items out of the door via USPS tomorrow, July 10.

Mailing cleanup -- what needs to be done

   Chrissie needs to put in staff/volunteer stuffing hours. Label volunteers on crm. Interns are volunteer hours.
   Jasimin will update the cost.
   Chrissie needs to recalculate the price for USPS (forgot to photocopy it).
   The bulletin paper was lighter this time, so the weight changed. Make sure the information is changed on brains. Fundraising/mailing ISAL direct section.
   Put supplies away.
   William will update the bulletin timeline; double-check the mailing timeline so that it reflects the dates actually used.
   Bradshaw takes shorter time than Sun. 

Hardcover signed RMS books

   Jasimin is getting a quote for both FSFS and FAIF.