Group: Free Software Foundation/OperationsMeetings/2014-08-20

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   Discuss feedback from HOPE and OSCON
   Discuss Restricted Donations 
   Possibly change "free sticker" language on campaigns page to reflect a starter kit for local FS chapters.


   Please read tabling feedback from staff and volunteers. (Updates will be made on an ongoing basis until meeting date.)
   Look up foldable, lightweight book stands
   Possibly make a sign for donation jar to encourage people to donate for stickers & buttons
   Set up a display table and take a picture; include this in the instructions. Ask them to send a photo once it is set up!
   Make sure even with membership renewal, they include their address.
   We did better in HOPE and OSCON this year. Raised more money. 
   Linuxcon Chicago booth is $750
   GNU Pin company has not gotten back to Jasimin with quote.
   Updated Brains how to record restricted donation.
   Books get messed up in suitcase
   Maybe get USB keys for GNU Press(Beth from Chicago requested this)