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  • 2014-10-25 - **OLF** - Columbus
 * In general, it seems to help to get materials to people sooner, because that increases the likelihood they will (1) review the invoice, (2) suggest additions to  the inventory, (3) read the instructions more thoroughly. However, since it is close to the end of the fiscal year, we will plan accordingly to prevent inventory conflicts.
 * Final conclusion: Ship at the beginning of October, after the inventory count.
  • 2014-09-19 - **Software Freedom Day**
 * Chrissie, Dave, and Lisa attending.
 * We only have 1 table. 
 * Chrissie will eyeball the shop to make packing list.
 * Dave will try to arrange taking the packages since he has a car.
 * Bring nametags.
  • Review of last year's goals
* What improvements did we make? jrasata: I think the RMS-shipments streamlining is working out well. (The back and forth has been minimized, there are fewer/no omissions
* jrasata: On the shipment-streamlining front, I don't see how we could improve much more. Chrissie: I have had volunteers come in and help me organize everything. We have pre-packaged the buttons and stickers. 
  • Brainstorming for next year's goals
* Get materials to conference volunteers with a minimum of 10 business days of lead time, but preferably more, so there's time for the invoice to be amended.
* Review instructions/tabling materials after every conference (i.e., more systematically).
* Make sure we have enough non-merchandise booth materials for all the planned events.  E.g., banners, donation bowls.  Or we could consider having materials on both coasts permanently.
  • Brainstorming for OTHER team's goals
* Put/keep Operations Team in the loop regarding any plans to attend/speak at a conference, as soon as the plans are being considered, and then again as soon as they are made.
  • Year-End Audit
* Fiscal year ends September 30th.
* The auditor comes in on October 1st and participate for year end inventory count.
* Chrissie and volunteers have been organizing the shop closet to make this go smoother.
* Any packages for upcoming speeches or conferences that we need to get out the door needs to be sent by September 26th. We focus finishing all shop orders on September 29th or 30th due to working on inventory. We will not ship any orders on Oct 1st. Shipping will be resumed on Oct 2nd.