Group: Free Software Foundation/OperationsMeetings/2014-09-24

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   How did Software Freedom Day go?
   How did S2LQ go?
   Plan for year end audit next week

Notes Software Freedom Day

   Four staff attended: Dave, Lisa, Chrissie, and Will
   We raised $64. 1 blue knife and 1 red knife sold. People also bought the metal gnu/linux inside stickers and emacs reference cards.
   Chrissie spoke to a few people about volunteering (namely a Northeastern student and a highschooler). They both were interested in the 3d printer projects, and one of them had extensive knowledge in it.


   We did not receive the returned package yet.
   Jasimin received some credit card information 

S2LQ - Quebec

   We did not receive the returned package yet
   Jeanne will follow-up with host to return package, money, and for feedback.

HOPE follow-up

   Last membership due was paid (Chrissie called him).

Auditor schedule

   Organize inventory: 9/24-26
       Chrissie is recording items we are out 
       Jasimin wants to start the reorder before 10/1, because we want to receive the items in earlier October. We have one outstanding shop order waiting for an item.
   Finish shipping orders by 9/30; No shipping on 10/1
   Auditor will come in on 10/1 afternoon
   Presumably no meeting 10/1 due to auditing schedule