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   Missed last week due to the inventory: how did the inventory/auditor go?
   Launching new item: keychain?
   Editing prices of items in shop: should all former LP shirts go on sale (2013, 2014)? Should we reduce the price of the GNU30 mug? What about the regular LP brown design?
   Should we repurchase FAIF? There are low quantities left in the shop 
   T-shirt reorder date arrival?
   FOSSETCON update
       missing items
   Colombia speeches: missing package
       Procedure for when package is late


   Inventory and auditor went well.
   The lead time for USB keychain order is good. Chrissie should go ahead and write the blog. Please get the information to before end of day Friday so Chrissie can write the blog.
   Reducing prices of lp2013, 2014 and gnu 30 mug. Keeping lp brown shirt price the same. Chrissie will write an announcement blog for that plus the restock of shirts.
   Run GCC: Next Friday
   Other designs: It has been reordered will arrive two weeks from today. Grey gplv3 shirts are coming back as well.
   Hoodie: Jasimin reorder today; 2 weeks arrival.
   FAIF: no new edition. Jasimin will look into quotes for paperback and hardback.
   FOSSETCON: all credit cards processed; missing items
   Colombia: shipped in July, and it still hasn't arrived.
   If a package is late, the volunteer needs to check with the customs office.
   For certain countries like Colombia or in Africa, we need to not ship when there is too short of notice; the packages will be stuck in customs. Places like the UK and Canada are still good for shipping with short notice. 6 to 10 business days only really applies if the country has a good postal service.
   Need to follow up for European depot postages reimbursement.