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Discussed LibrePlanet timeline

Length of time to launch a shirt in shop: 1 hr, 50 min

   Other variables which add time:
       Sorting unisex and female shirts (the Run GCC brand does not label them)
       Organizing them by who purchased shirt already, who reserved without paying, and leftovers

Jasimin received Replicant sticker proto-type.

   60 x 80 mm, vinyl, black or white?
   Figure out cost; 
   Will we sell sticker?

Discount codes

   Coupon code for bulletin
       Proofread before it goes out
   December/January discount for shop
       30% off for members
   Chrissie Publish blog on December 1st
   Email Jeanne to make change for renewing or new members to discount code on December 1; expiring on January 31

Donation cards

   Use old ones first for the mailing

GNU Press

   Reorder soft copies of FAIF