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       2014-10-29: thanked the volunteers who attended and asked Don to update wiki
   Colombia package return
       commented on the meeting notes from two weeks ago and updated the shipping instructions
   Updating LP Merchandise timeline
   Holiday party?


Holiday party

   Same venue: Painted Burro as last year
   Try to do similar menu with the small tacos
   John will email office to get availability
   Chrissie will contact venue tomorrow


   Returned 2 packages; ~$150 for shipping there
   They wanted the recipients to pay $860 USD to pick up the packages, and never notified them of the holding
   Recommendation: Make a "countries not to ship to" list on events page in brains, include Colombia with reasons why. That why, the information will be ready when RMS inquires about certain events.
       I would suggest to add South Africa; the post office went on strike.


   John says the numbers were good:
       4 new members
       $100 donation
       100ish attendees
       Include XL shirts
       Include explanations to volunteers
       Larger sizes like 3XL and 4XL
       Newsletter sign-up sheet (Jeanne can you include a pdf on the event instructions)
       Cash for change to start up the booth. $20 = 10, 5, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. (Jeanne include in instructions to volunteers to have small bills to start up booth in beginning).
   Reasoning: a few other conferences happened around the same time, ran out of XL shirts due to backorders.


   Arrive Thursday or Friday
   May include 3xl this time so notify campaigns to update the LP site with this as an option

LibrePlanet Merchandise timeline

   Jasimin create revenue budget based on 150 (last year's number), updated to the new unit cost. And we want to include the number of shirts sold. Address any unit price change.
   Shirts were really popular last year, and about 5 leftover. Goal is to sell 100% of the shirts, but a couple left over again is fine.
   Jasimin: look up the gross sales from last LPs and add it to the site; we want to sell more than last year.
   Come up with new ways to promote the shop
   Should we get new product? It is helpful for increasing sales.
   Next meeting review data and goals.


   We have all the letters and envelopes supplies to start printing. We are awaiting more, and we need the donation cards still.
   Jasimin will follow up for the bulletin tomorrow