Group: Free Software Foundation/OperationsMeetings/2014-11-05

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   Replicant sticker
   Mailing details
   LP shirts
   Editing timeline to give them notice of having enough stock
   Chrissie out later this month
   Info to add to shop email


Replicant sticker

   Jasimin received samples
   Vinyl or shiny? Shinier material is slightly more expensive
   Black or white background?
   Replicant sticker will not sell by itself; probably include it in regular sticker packs.
   Vinyl material okay
   Should we order to cover RMS's conferences?
   Should we run a fundraiser?
   Jasimin will order other sticker to get an idea
   We will look into doing it for Run GCC -- higher quality
   Jasimin will inquire about heavier/nicer material than gplv3 sticker
   Jasimin had updated the sticker budget on the timeline
   We are doing a shorter run of LibrePlanet stickers.

Mailing details

   Volunteer email sent out
   Chrissie taking trip to South Station and CVS tomorrow
   Plane for staff / volunteer lunch order
   Stationeries arrive tomorrow
   Bulletin arrives friday; Chrissie will do weights
   Chrissie will make labels thursday/friday
   Reorganize office tomorrow with printing machines

LP shirts

   Did we choose a shirt color?
   We need to check with the company to make sure they have enough in stock
   make sure we will receive the quantity as we order to avoid shortage. The LP t-shirt is mostly pre-ordered.