Group: Free Software Foundation/OperationsMeetings/2014-12-03

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CRM changes to donations

   Is everything off of preauths?
   Chrissie checking all the payments on Fundraising queue
   Lisa and John looking into the problem 
   No one is being billed automatically by CRM
   CRM requires security code for credit cards, but donor cards returned do not have them.
   New membership process
   Check with Dave tomorrow about the username and password as well as the usb card

SeaGL report

   Some CC transactions were declined. Jasimin is trying to get contact info from Donald.


   Find out when the venue needs to know by
   Re-send email asking people to RSVP by a date

Replicant sticker

   White background makes most sense
   Jasimin will put order in tomorrow

Shop notice

   Put one up to notify when people can get things by Christmas
   Campaigns should tweet out the date