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关于我们/About us

Free Software Tongji 是同济大学的一个学生团体,他们关注开源软件、自由软件和与数字权利相关的问题。

The Free Software Tongji is a group of student in Tongji University, Shanghai, China, who value the ideals of free software and related issues concerning digital rights. Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.


  • 教育/Educate
    • 分享自由软件的相关知识
    • Inform the students about free software
  • 宣传/Advocate
    • 通过在各社团宣讲(主要是TOSA,同济开源社)宣传自由软件的使用方式
    • Promote free software tools through projects, campaigns, and events
  • 供给/Supply
    • 提供自由软件的安装包
    • Provide materials and increase the availability of free software
  • 支持/Support
    • 提供使用自由软件的帮助
    • Offer help getting and using free software
  • 交流/Unite
    • 为自由软件用户提供交流平台
    • Bridge connections between free software activists and users

如何加入/Join us

To become a member of the Free Software Tongji, please

  • Join our IRC channel: #FreeSoftwareTongji-cn on Libera.Chat
  • Participate!


  • Wenyuan Jiang (姜文渊)
  • Yu Meng (孟宇)
  • Letian Li (李乐天)

Past Meetings

  • 2022 Jul 数字权利与自由软件的辩论
  • 2022 Aug 自由软件概念分享 JSL-317

Upcoming Meetings

  • 2023 Jan 自由软件安装协助会 JSL-317


You may contact the team leaders via email:

Free Software Tongji
Note group for students interested in free software at Tongji University
Region Asia
Area Shanghai, China
Available language(s) 中文, English
Contact 姜文渊
Current status Active