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GNU FM is a free software network service for sharing your music listening habits.


GNU FM was launched on April 1st 2009 by Matt Lee as a free network service replacement for the proprietary By June 2009 it had 10000 users and by July 2009 it had data for 10000000 plays submitted to it.


GNU FM is written in PHP and uses MySQL for database storage.

It implements the audioscrobbler network service API for tracking a user's listening habits over the network. Existing scrobbler clients can easily be modified to work with GNU FM.


GNU FM has been built from the ground up to respect the freedom and privacy of users.

The code is available under the AGPL, which means that users are free to run their own instances of the server. Each users data can be downloaded by them, which means they are free to transfer their data to any instance of the server they wish to.

IP addresses are not logged. And data is only made public if the user explicitly opts-in to do so. This gives users a good baseline of privacy and allows them to control selectively how much more of their privacy they give up (or how much of their data they share).


GNU FM home page

GNU FM source code

FM#searchgroup GNU FM Savannah Project

GNU FM mailing list


Developer(s) User:Mattl and the GNU FM Team
Initial release 1 April 2009
Programming language PHP
Operating system Web application
Language Multilingual
License AGPLv3
IRC channel
Mailing list libre-fm
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