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  • Sugar is the learning environment developed for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Project. See for more information.
  • Contact Walter Bender (walterbender on freenode)

  • is a music community website that aims to provide a replacement for
  • See, or contact Matt Lee ( for more information.

Free Software for Bay Area Schools

  • Moving San Francisco Bay Area schools to Free Software, 2 schools already under way.
  • You can see our project page here!
  • Lots of ways for both technical & non-technical people to help.
  • contact Christian Einfeldt at einfeldt at gmail dot com if you want to help.

GNU Classpath

GNU plotutils

  • GNU plotutils is a tool to make graphs based on x,y coordinates. One limitation is that it doesn't understand dates or times. It just understands plain numbers. So, if you want one of the axis of the graph to be a set of dates, these dates have to be converted to plain numbers. For example, in's progress charts (try [1] or [2]), dates are converted into the number of seconds that have passed since January 1st 1970 - the "Unix epoch". This succeeds in making a graph whose points are in the correct places on the x axis, but the date in this format is meaningless to humans ("May 4th 2009", having been converted to a number of seconds, is "1.241 x 109"). So here's the task: make GNU plotutils capable of displaying data as a human readable date. This doesn't require GNU plotutils to be able to accept dates in human readable format. That would be another nice feature, but users can already arrange this by using 'date' to convert a human readable date to other formats (such as the number of seconds since Jan 1st 1970). ...but there's nothing users can do to cause GNU plotutils to display dates in nice ways such as "May 4th 2009" instead of "1.241 x 109", so that task is for someone who'd like to do some development work on GNU plotutils.